Dulce Enterprise
Lala Bakery

Breads, Cookies and Corn Tortillas

Enjoy our selection of breads and corn tortilla for
Breakfast, Snack and Any Time Meals!


Sweet and plain base dough breads

  • Caracoles, Tornado (sweet bread with red buttery filling with granulated sugar coating)

  • Conchas, Semita, Guarachas (sweet bread with hard sugar crust)

  • Peperecha (sweet dough filled with brown sugar and sprinkled with red sugar)

    Pastel de Piña (sweet dough filled with pineapple chunks and sprinkled with sugar)


  • Corn Tortillas (Hand-made, gluten free white corn tortillas)

Butter-base cakes cut out into individual servings

  • Marquezote (Spanish-style pound cake)
  • Pan de Torta (Central American vanilla cake)
  • Santaneca (cinnamon and vanilla cake sprinkled with sesame seeds) 

Hard sweet dough

  • Arecha (sugar cookie with a soft red butter filling)

  • Salpor de Arroz (rice flour based cookie sprinkled with red sugar)

  • Pastelito de Piña (pineapple turnover coated with granulated white sugar)